International cooperation

Capacities in International activities-« EGNSS diplomacy »- result from the combination of competence in the different aspects of the Space sector,upstream and downstream, combined with concrete experience in main countries and Regions of the world.

Governance , capacity building, program management

Experience in several key National and European institutions and organizations at management level allow providing added value contributions to requests in this broad area

Downstream Applications Development:

Knowledge of the GNSS sector and experience at different level of R§D projects lead to capacities in developing and promoting new applications in the downstream segment either for the public or the private sector.

Daniel Ludwig Consultant due to his background has recognized capacities in cross-cutting approaches very helpful for international cooperation established by the European Commission. While taking into account the technical and operational aspects of the infrastructure such approaches stress the economical dimensions of the Applications from both the public and private point of views, the development of syngergies between GNSS and other space programs . Development of Applications in the international context has to take into account the European industrial interests as well as the planning of R&D European effort.