International cooperation:

Success aims at supporting the EC in implementing SBAS services in Africa .Extension of the Satellite based services over Africa is indeed a strategic partnership between EU and Africa involving number of Organizations such as the AUC, ASECNA, RECs, ACAC….Activities are very diversified and run from strategic support ,economic studies to the follow up of the JPO and technical issues

Main partner is FDC coordinator (F). in supporting GSA has the challenging objective of building industrial relationships with key Asian countries and, in doing so, contributing to European industry development  and institutional interests.

Main partner is SpaceTec Capital Partners ( D), coordinator, and the EU Chambers of Commerce in corresponding countries and regions: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India.


Governance, capacity buiding, program management :

e-KnoT as an Horizon 2020 Project aims at strengthening the interaction between the areas of Education-Research-Industry in Europe with  concrete actions and events for companies, students and professionals.

DLC is an important partner of  a consortium of qualified institutions coordinated by Polito (I)

Downstream Applications Development:

i-GOing FP 7 project (third Galileo call) demonstrated the benefit of Indoor Navigation based on Galileo Pseudolites.

Partners were INSITEO(F) Fraunhofer IIS (D),CSR (UK),Silicom(F)and i-Trust(L)

The  French Government (Ministère du redressement productif)  supported a follow on activity – Poseidon Project- aimed at improving performances in indoor environment